Watching on you !

Herry Engagement Occasion

heyy my gorgeous and faboulous JW family . this is Joanna updating this dead blog . well it's kinda a long time since the last updated post . err . well hello there who is reading this . so yeah . In this post I'm gonna talk about what just happened yesterday .

Yesterday all of JW team wake up early in the morning and get ready to meet up at some random Restaurant Jejantas . I think it is located at Melaka maybe . Forgive me my Geography sucks . thank you . bad luck I'm the second last family reached there and the last family goes to Farah Natasha :P

when I reach there I saw Mak Idah's and Pak Lang's family talking , gossiping and eating their breakfast . Kak Opie | Kak Liza and Mak Lang look very beautiful yesterday . while abg . aliq | Izack and abg . Hazriem trying their best to look macho in their own way . nothing much about The Abangs actually . My beloved uncle aka Pak Lang wear an orange colour t-shirt . when Mak Ina family came that place such a havoc coz you know how Mak Ina turn the surrounding upside down . tehee XD

next we move on to Tapah . there we officially gathered all the JW team at one place and yeahh we complete as one big family . Mak Uji and her family all purple in colour coz the team of the day is purple . Maybe it was abg . Herry or Kak Mas fav. colour aite peeps (:

I'm not following the dress code colour coz I don't have one Baju Kurung in purple colour . ohh yeah we also meet with Uncle Idris big family . they are so kind and talkative and this one uncle was so hilarious . what a happy family we got here . wee XD

at Ipoh's toll we wait for our handsome uncle whic is Pak Andak all the way from Perlis to company us in this engagement occasion . wait and wait there he come with his beautiful wife and children . So we move up to Kak Mas aka Abg . Herry's future wife's house at Ipoh .

alhamdulillah the engagement occasion end up with smoothly . so from in the morning we starving in this long journey and at the end of the day we eat as much as we want . the food was so delicious and I eat too much potato . tehee XD I like potato . LOLs . Lastly we heading back to KL with full stomach and a happy feeling . this is all for today . God bless to all the readers and JW team members . take care . Love J ♥ 

P/S : to Abg . Herry congratulation on this new stage of your relationship with Kak Mas and I'm looking forward to eat Nasi Minyak soon .

                                              this is Kak Opie and her big brother Izack
                                           Pak Lang don't sleep like this anymore ok . tehee XD 
                                                                    WE LOVE YOU
                                 Aliq our mood maker and the our key to laugh like insano people .
                                                   thanks for making us smile handsome boy 

                           a sister to Hazriem and a kind hearted daughter to Pak Lang and Mak Lang
                                                              say HI! to Kak Liza
 this is Uncle Idris . He is kinda quiet actually but nahh I still love him

 Mak Idah with the boys from our family and yes Mak Idah is a great at cooking

 Abg . Herry's small sisters . Kak Ayu and Kak Ziera

 a wonderful siblings of JW
 Natt and her little sister Ainul . 
Ainul lost her mood early in the morning . Cheer up sayangg

 heyy look at us Ainul! cheer up . teehee XD

 Zurish Sofia aka Kak Opie

 finally a picture of Adam (:

 and another one with Izack . teehee XD

Natt disturb her sister at this time . such a bad sister Natt :)